J&P e-bulletins

The monthly E-bulletin was introduced in 2011 to replace the hard-copy Quarterly News Network. It was realised that the website and e-mail circulations provided a more effective way to provide information on a timely basis. This page gave access to the latest E-bulletin and all previous issues.

The September 2013 issue of the E-bulletin was the last to be issued under Anne O’Connor’s editorship as she is not part of the re-constituted Shrewsbury Commission.  However, Anne has continued her J&P work with the  NJPN, the National Justice and Peace Network. In that capacity Anne produces a monthly e bulletin for J&P in the North West, supporting J&P activities throughout the dioceses of Lancaster, Liverpool, Salford, Shrewsbury and Wrexham. Here we provide access to issues of the NJPN NW monthly bulletin as soon as they are produced, each with a brief introduction by Anne, with its invitation to read and pass on.

In a time with so much depressing news – climate change, unrest in many parts of the world and economic hardship facing many in the UK – the NW NJPN E BULLETIN for DECEMBER 2022 leads with six ‘core conditions’ of conscious hope from writer and peace campaigner David Gee. The controversial decision by FIFA to hold this year’s World Cup in Qatar has thrown into the spotlight many human rights concerns. The opening match for the England team showcased the remarkable sight of Iran’s players refusal to sing their national anthem in a gesture of solidarity with oppressed women and protestors back home. Index on Censorship praises the Iranian players but condemns President Biden’s administration for telling a court last week that as a “sitting head of government” Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman should be immune from civil court proceedings over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Maggie Beirne of Westminster J&P Commission reports on the recent NJPN quarterly meeting: guest speaker Peter Hussey referred to Pope Francis’ call for a better kind of politics – “one truly at the service of the common good”. We report on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine including a disturbing report that Ukrainian refugees are being forcibly drafted into the Israeli military. The Channel crossings continue to be in the news with those who have died this year commemorated and an arrest made. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have produced a comprehensive forecast of the impact of the Autumn Statement on low income families. Pax Christi welcome the appointment of new CEO Andrew Jackson and we publish the obituary of newspaper lawyer Eddie Young who was instrumental in bringing the killers of Stephen Lawrence to justice. The findings of the 2021 Census reveal that for the first time, fewer than half the population of England and Wales describe themselves as Christian. There is a packed diary for December and the New Year.

Please read and pass on to others.

Best wishes
Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E Bulletin for November 2022 focuses on the COP27 talks, leading with a dire warning from UN secretary-general, António Guterres. He says, “rich countries must sign a historic pact with the poor on the climate, or we will be doomed – we are at code red for humanity.”  Further details of the shocking humanitarian situation at the asylum processing centre at Manston have been uncovered over the past few days, with this week’s leader in the Tablet calling the current home secretary’s treatment of refugees “a policy that shames Britain.” Olivier de Schutter, the UN rapporteur on extreme poverty, says that austerity cuts may fuel further poverty across Britain and even breach human rights obligations. There are hopes that the recent a change of government in Brazil may benefit indigenous communities and the environment. We look at the winners of Index on Censorship’s 2022 Freedom of Expression awards with a particular focus on writer and journalist Andrey Kurkov, a hugely respected commentator on Ukraine. Student rallies show no sign of abating in Iran – the protests  began more than five weeks ago over the death of the 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini while in police custody – she is remembered in a short poem based on her mother’s words. Pope Francis is currently visiting Bahrain as “a sower of peace.” Pact – the Prison Advice and Care Trust – the national Catholic charity providing support to prisoners’ and their families are inviting parish communities to support mums and dads in prison at Christmas through Operation Elf which enables mums and dads in prison to give their children a Christmas gift – there are details of the scheme. All this, plus information about Remembrance Sunday, Advent resources and a full diary.

Please feel free to copy and distribute the Advent resources and pass the bulletin on to others.

Best wishes,  Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin for October 2022 looks at the recent Conservative Party Conference under the leadership of the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.  Elected by a handful of Tory Party members and not the first choice for the majority of her fellow MPs, she has had a shaky start with economic policies that have spooked the financial markets and resulted in a dramatic rise in interest rates. The decision to cut the 45% tax rate for the rich has now been reversed but, alas, the damage is done and, as usual, it is the poorest in our society who will suffer. It now seems likely that another humiliating U-turn is imminent, this time on benefit changes. The new government’s apparent lack of interest in stemming the tide of climate change is a concern for us all as George Monbiot’s hard-hitting opinion piece demonstrates. In the run-up to COP27 there are action ideas plus an invitation to a Heating & Energy workshop organised by Faiths4Change.  Current reports feature the growing rebellion by schoolgirls in Iran; the war in Ukraine; ideas from Church Action on Poverty for Challenge Poverty Week and the award of a Nobel Peace Prize to human rights advocates from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Please read and pass on.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E BULLETIN FOR MID SEPTEMBER leads with an editorial from Together for the Common Good to inspire us in the challenging months ahead – do consider signing up for their excellent publications. We have a wide range of articles on climate change plus reflections on the late Queen Elizabeth II from writers Jeanette Winterson and Frank Cottrell Boyce. The growing momentum behind the move for reparations for slavery and colonialism indicate that the end of the Elizabethan era may herald the break-up of the Commonwealth as some countries seek to break free. The recent elections in Sweden signify a lurch towards the right with alarming consequences.  You can watch the Carnall Peace Award Lecture for 2022 on United Nations International Peace Day, September 21st, given by this year’s recipient Professor Paul Rogers along with many other zoom meetings and events in a very packed diary for the autumn.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The September NW NJPN E BULLETIN leads with the cost of living crisis which threatens to plunge many people into poverty and despair.  It’s still uncertain who will be the next Prime Minister but we can only hope that adequate support will be made available for all those who struggle to make ends meet. The other key area of concern is the climate crisis. The recent catastrophic floods in Pakistan are proof that the greenhouse effect needs addressing urgently.

World news includes a statement from Pax Christi International condemning the recent raid on Palestinian human rights offices and the destruction of St Andrew’s Church in Ramallah by Israeli forces, concerns for the safety of children returning to school in the Holy Land, a damning report of human rights violations in China against the Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minority groups, and a challenging opinion piece by writer and broadcaster Elaine Storkey. There’s a packed diary for the autumn, book and film reviews and news of a beautiful waterfall tapestry created by women who have suffered violence as part of the Women in Black support network.

Finally, a request from me for help. A reader has contacted me with the following suggestion:

“It seems to me that climate change is by far the greatest threat to human life in all the years human beings have walked this planet. We have reached the point where nothing else matters. Would it be possible to begin each bulletin with a section called Climate Monitor listing the latest developments (and in the case of the Church hierarchy the continuing absence of any significant action) in the struggle to avert climate catastrophe?”

If anyone has suggestions for this and/or can provide up to the minute info I’d be very grateful.

Another reader has welcomed the regular updates on the cost of living crisis. Do please continue to send feedback.

Please read and pass on to others.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The Mid August edition of the NW NJPN E Bulletin leads with the current cost of living crisis with reports from journalist Ellen Teague and Paul Morrison, policy advisor for the Joint Public Issues Team.  There’s an urgent action request from the Balfour Project charity to halt plans by the Israeli authorities to construct a new illegal settlement in East Jerusalem. We celebrate the life of Japanese designer Issey Miyake who survived the Hiroshima bomb and reprint an opinion piece he wrote for the New York Times in 2009. Also featured is artist Raymond Briggs who died recently. Perhaps most well-known for the Christmas classic The Snowman, Briggs was also creator of the haunting parable about nuclear apocalypse – When the Wind Blows. Trevor Phillips, chairman of Index on Censorship, which campaigns for free expression, questions the decision by some University departments to ‘shield’ students from books which may cause offence. Upcoming events in the Justice and Peace calendar include Creation Time, Days of Nonviolence and Prisons Week with a wealth of resources suggested.

Please read and pass on.

Anne O’Connor

The August issue of the NW NJPN E Bulletin celebrates the life of two dedicated North West activist who died recently. Patrick Darnes was a dedicated campaigner for justice and equality for the Palestinian people and Tony McNicholl was a former Justice and Peace worker for the Diocese of Wrexham. We honour the legacy of Civil rights campaigner Roy Hackett, one of the organisers of the Bristol Bus Boycott whose actions helped pave the way for the Race Relations Acts of 1965 and 1968, and also the actress Nichelle Nichols who broke the barriers for Black women starring as Lt Uhura on the original Star Trek TV Show and who shared one of the first multi-racial screen kisses with William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. The England football team’s resounding success in Euro 2022 will hopefully break down barriers in sport although there are concerns that the government is lagging behind in promoting equality for girls in school sports provision. There are reports on UK poverty, climate change, current events and some hard-hitting articles about the situation in Palestine plus a topical personal report from a US Sister who works with transgender people. Finally, read a poem on refugees by Brian Bilston and then read it again!

Please read and pass on. Best wishes, Anne O’Connor


  • Anne has just received a request from Maria in Wrexham diocese re the late Tony McNicholl: Maria has provided the link to a website with a tribute to Tony, with a link for donations to the charity for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: https://anthony-mcnicholl.muchloved.com/
  • Additional note from Anne: This is a debilitating illness and, coincidentally, was also suffered by Patrick Darnes whose obit is in the August NW Bulletin too. Please consider supporting this charity in memory of two dedicated workers for Justice and Peace.

In the run-up to the forthcoming NJPN Conference ‘Hope! a verb with its sleeves rolled up’ (22-24 July) and following this week’s dramatic coup against Boris Johnson by Conservative MPs, this extra edition of the NW NJPN E BULLETIN looks at the current turmoil in UK politics and aims to inspire us to look for signs of hope in our communities and in our wider world. Read through the Conference info on pages 6-7 and book a place if you haven’t done so already.

We lead with an opinion piece by peace activist and writer David Gee whose new book Hope’s Work makes challenging reading – highly recommended. The campaigning group Forces Watch give a worrying appraisal of some of the front-runners for the Tory leadership contest. CAFOD in Lancaster diocese has provided a comprehensive report for the coming months with a focus on the new campaign to Fix the Food System. CAFOD says that the way we grow and distribute food is broken, so people go hungry and the planet suffers, while the climate crisis makes the situation even worse. As Church Action on Poverty this week turns 40, the organisation looks ahead with optimism as new partnerships are forged to help local community groups.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E Bulletin for July 2022 leads with a report of an appeal launched by CAFOD in response to a world food crisis which has hit up to 20 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. The recent G7 Leaders’ Summit comes under fire for its failure to adequately address the looming global  food shortage as well as cutting back on climate action, exacerbated by Russia’s attack on Ukraine which has resulted in soaring gas prices. Whilst the war in Ukraine is rightly condemned Pat Devlin asks why this has not been the response to other situations of injustice, violent oppression and human rights abuses, suggesting action ideas about the current situation in Palestine. In an opinion piece Joseph Kelly looks at UK defence spending in relation to the need to promote global peace strategies and dialogue. Health Secretary Sajid Javid had shared his personal experience of his brother’s suicide at the launch of a new suicide prevention strategy for England at an event hosted by PAPYRUS. Government plans to increase music spending for schools are welcomed plus encouraging news of a music app to enhance the wellbeing of people affected by dementia. Leading authors have spoken out against university cut-back of  English Literature courses.  In Liverpool, Sr Lynne Baron, FCJ, has been appointed as Archbishop Malcolm McMahon’s delegate for Catholic social action. Sr Lynne will be a key member of the new Archbishop’s Advisory Body and will ensure that the voice of a woman will be heard as the Archbishop makes important decisions – a welcome step forward in response to the Archdiocese’s Synod consultations.

If you haven’t booked already, don’t forget the NJPN Conference at the Hayes Centre Swanwick from 22-24 July ‘HOPE! A VERB WITH ITS SLEEVES ROLLED UP’

Book here: https://www.justice-and-peace.org.uk/conference/

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E BULLETIN FOR MID JUNE 2022 is an extra edition with a special focus on two current news stories: the shameful deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda by the British government which at the time of writing appears to be going ahead despite widespread protest, and the sad news that veteran peace campaigner Bruce Kent has died. This issue contains an in-depth tribute to  Bruce by Ellen Teague plus links to many other tributes. He will be greatly missed. A new food plan to address the problems of obesity and food poverty in the UK has been strongly criticised by a lead advisor. There are details of a new book from Church Action on Poverty DIGNITY, AGENCY, POWER. This anthology of stories, prayers, reflections and liturgy has been published to coincide with the organisation’s 40th anniversary and is available to order in print or digital format. Two US writers contribute challenging opinion pieces – on liturgy to advance the pursuit of peace and a compassionate response to clergy sexual abuse from a woman priest.  If you haven’t done so already don’t forget to book a place on the NJPN Conference 22-24 July on the theme Hope is a Verb with Its Sleeves Rolled Up’.

Please pass on to others.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin for June 2022 picks up the theme of this year’s NJPN Conference ‘Hope is a Verb with Its Sleeves Rolled Up’ (22nd to 24th July) and looks at areas where we might seek to find and foster hope. There are some hard-hitting opinion pieces as well as news reports and an inspiring reflection by Fr Robin Gibbons who contributes a regular column to Independent Catholic News.

Please pass on to others, best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E BULLETIN for May 2022 highlights the Summer issue of Vocations for Justice from the Columbans on the theme ‘War is a choice, but so is Peace’.  In addition, there is a range of articles and reports including the controversial plan by Home Secretary Priti Patel to ship asylum seekers to Rwanda which has been subject to widespread criticism;  a moving court statement from an activist in the Just Stop Oil movement; an opinion piece from a Sudanese refugee, writer and community activist contrasting the support for Ukraine to the very different world-wide response to the plight of  displaced people following the war in his country; news reports from CAFOD in Lancaster and the Chester World Development Forum; a disturbing analysis from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation detailing the greatest fall in out-of-work benefits in 50 years; prayer resources from the Bishops’ Conference for survivors of abuse; media news and dates for your diary.

Please read and pass on.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The April NW NJPN E Bulletin leads with a challenging opinion piece from Forces Watch. There are also articles on such diverse topics as the annual Holy Fire procession which takes place in Jerusalem the Saturday before Easter; the latest Campaign Against Arms Trade news;  a modern love story – Richard Ratcliffe’s tireless campaign to free his beloved wife Nazanin from a Tehran prison, and an account of faith-based organisations working together to protect biodiversity. Ellen Teague reports on how a delegation from Latin America, including a Catholic bishop, has travelled to Europe to raise awareness and urge support for communities suffering from destructive mining and we showcase the story behind the Red Dress Project, a 13-year, award winning global, collaborative embroidery project, made by over 250 women, many of whom are marginalized and live in poverty, or refugees, or living in war zones. Michael Rosen’s latest book, Many Different Kinds of Love: A Story of Life, Death, and the NHS, gives a frank account of his near-death experience of Covid. All this, plus Lent resources, Stations of the Cross, including a moving liturgy in a women’s prison in Surrey, and an Easter reflection by John O’Donohue and diary dates for the next couple of months.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E Bulletin for March 2022 leads with current reports about the Russian attacks on Ukraine. As we know, the situation is constantly changing with new onslaughts daily. The Archbishop of Liverpool has launched a major appeal offering practical support for the Ukrainian people with collection points in churches across the diocese plus ways to contribute financially – look out for similar humanitarian responses in your local area. Bruce Kent has made a stirring speech calling for an end to nuclear weapons, redoubling our efforts to build peaceful ways to resolve conflicts, supporting those who don’t want to fight and offering a safe haven for refugees. There are links to the winning entries (print and image) in this year’s schools competition organised by the Columbans on the theme ‘21st Century Changemakers’. Brazilian Bishops are protesting government plans to take over more indigenous land and the denuding of the Amazon rainforest. Also included in this issue are Lent resources and an Easter story plus diary dates for the forthcoming months.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

A packed NW NJPN E Bulletin for February has information on current campaigns and forthcoming events plus resources for Lent including an Ash Wednesday lament from Leeds-based Climate Change activist Revd Jon Swales.

Henrietta Cullinan provides eye-witness accounts gathered by Afghanistan Peace Project on the dangerous situation in Kabul facing many people, especially women, under the rule of the Taliban;  Amnesty International has issued a new report –  “Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians”; Ian Linden looks back over the pivotal role played by  Durban’s Catholic Archbishop Denis Hurley  in the fight against apartheid; Social Justice Co-ordinator for Justice and Peace Scotland, Danny Sweeney reflects on the recent Edinburgh celebration for the beatification of Fr Rutilio Grande and companions, and US social justice activist Sr Joan Chittister documents Santa Fe’s Archbishop John Wester brave call for the abolition of all nuclear weapons.

Closer to home, anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe is setting up a price index to monitor supermarket costs for economy range staple goods; a new bill officially recognising British Sign Language is on the way to becoming law; the SVP say that the government’s long-awaited Levelling Up White Paper represents a missed opportunity to address the ingrained social and economic disparity across the UK and Church Action for Tax Justice are dismayed that the Economic Crime Bill has been dropped. The appointment of a new Archbishop for Glasgow is good news for Justice and Peace. Bishop Willian Nolan shares Pope Francis’ concerns for the plight of migrants, protection of the planet and opposition to the arms trade.

There is still (just!) time for young people to enter the Columban’s media competition before the closing date of 11 February. Recent years have showcased some outstanding original thought from the winners.

Finally, it’s hard to keep up with the latest developments in UK politics following the publication of Sue Gray’s ‘partygate’ report – information was current at the time of mailing this bulletin – but Boris Johnson’s premiership looks to be increasingly under pressure.

Please read and pass on to others.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E BULLETIN for January 2022 celebrates CAFOD, whose 60th Anniversary occurs this year, as well as Church Action on Poverty (40 years), and the publication of  the document The Common Good and the Catholic Church’ Social Teaching 25 years ago.  This Sunday is Peace Sunday and we have a wide range of resources which can also be used throughout the year. There are links to talks and zoom meetings on a variety of topics plus book reviews and other diary dates. Please look through the bulletin for additional dates of interest.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The December issue of the NW NJPN E Bulletin opens with a selection of Advent and Christmas poems and outcry against the Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill coupled with a stirring speech in the House of Lords by Lord Kerr which takes apart the Home Secretary’s negative (and erroneous) comments about economic migrants and asylum seekers. Ellen Teague reports on a Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament event “Building Bridges for Peace” and there are resources for Peace Sunday, 16 January 2022, on this year’s theme ‘Education, work and dialogue between generations: tools for building lasting peace’ chosen by Pope Francis. Take time to read two long pieces: the first an inspiring blog by David Gee following COP26.  David writes: “Our walk bears towards the COP26 climate summit on the ancient pattern of a pilgrimage. But as with all pilgrimage, the true destination is not a place on a map but a change within us, a turn of the heart”. In the second article, Anglican priest Lynne Cullens challenges us to consider the issue of class prejudice in the church. One of Britain’s best-loved poets, Roger McGough, argues that verse has a vital role to play in nurturing a child’s literacy and inventiveness, particularly in the current climate with anxiety levels rising exponentially, and among children especially.  Also included is news of a Liverpool Friends of the Earth protest calling for the withdrawal of UK support for a climate-wrecking gas project in Mozambique which has been linked to conflict, human rights abuses, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

Wishing all our readers the joys and blessings of the Christmas season.

Anne O’Connor

The mid November NW NJPN E Bulletin looks back at COP26, leading with an overview by Frank Regan plus the last of Ellen Teague’s COP26 blogs and an article by journalist Jonathan Cook making the links between defence spending and the climate crisis. Peter Kennard’s Art installation Code Red, created to coincide with the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, continues to 19 December – we give a glimpse of his work alongside his press release for the show. Two more photo exhibitions on the theme of environmental damage are also highlighted plus short films from Church Action on Poverty and a film installation at Tate Liverpool inspired by a satire on Victorian society and the role of women. Pax Christi USA has issued a strong rebuttal to the criticism lobbied by Archbishop Gomez, Chair of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in which he condemns movements for social justice as “anti-Christian pseudo-religions”. Traidcraft are promoting an ‘Injustice Advent Calendar’ with opportunities to stand up for justice for the 24 days of Advent plus links to a series of talks from CAFOD for December available on Zoom. Finally, take time to read an in-depth article by Jenny Sinclair, founder director of Together for the Common Good.

Please read and pass on.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

In a packed edition the NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin for November 2021 focuses on COP26 with the first of a series of daily reports from Ellen Teague and Jo Siedlecka for Independent Catholic News – look out for on future reports at www.indcatholicnews.com. Other items include a challenging speech by Pope Francis to the World Meeting of Popular Movements, an inspiring story of love and friendship, a report on Prisons Week including a short video clip which is well-worth watching, white poppies for peace, book reviews and a packed diary. Please read and pass on.

Best wishes

Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E Bulletin for mid October covers a wide range of events and articles. The theme running through this issue is hope. We hear the voice of hope in the power of the human spirit in art, poetry, and stories: three Dads, former strangers united in grief, channelling the loss of their daughters to suicide to help others; 23 year-old footballer Marcus Rashford honoured in his home city for speaking out for children who live in poverty in the UK; 22 year-old Vian, who fled war in her Syrian homeland and is now continuing her training as an artist at college here; homeless people on park benches sharing their stories and building ‘community’; refugees and those who care for the dying finding hope in the belief that even ‘in a broken world, things aren’t fully broken’; hope to be found in Christ’s solidarity with the suffering earth and its potential restoration as described in a powerful article by Celia Deane -Drummond; hope, as Cardinal Vincent Nichols says, that the forthcoming synod will ‘make hopes flourish, stimulate trust, bind up wounds, and build bridges … to restore our common mission’; and hope that young people will be changemakers to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Please read and pass on.

Anne O’Connor

In the run-up to COP26 the October issue of the NW NJPN E Bulletin features several articles on the climate crisis. The plight of refugees and the government’s approach to this humanitarian issue comes under criticism as well as the current plan to end the Universal Credit top-up. Also included are some innovative online resources from the Arts world, linking climate change, racism and refugees. We have advance notice of Challenge Poverty Week 11-17 October and Asylum Matters Week of Action 18-24 October plus a song and a poem for peace to celebrate Peace One Day (21 September) and look forward to International Peace Day (2 October). Look for some interesting diary dates too. Please pass on to others.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

The September issue of the NW NJPN E Bulletin leads with the current crisis in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of peace-keeping troops by the US. As the UK prepares to welcome refugees escaping persecution, Mayor Sadiq Khan condemns the immorality of hosting an Arms Fair in the London Docklands this September. Also featured this month are two important and contrasting synods: first the Root & Branch synod taking place in Bristol and by zoom from 5-12 September with discussions on ways to foster greater inclusivity for lay people, especially women, in the Catholic Church; the second the three-stage synod commissioned by Pope Francis which will culminate in October 2023. Sadly, this synod is structured in a way that gives power solely to local bishops to feedback comments and suggestions as they choose. For meaningful change to occur it’s vital for parishioners to seize the opportunity to dialogue with our bishops to make sure the views of the laity are heard and passed on. Women make up at least half of our congregations and yet the lectionary remains largely male-centric. A new lectionary compiled by a US Hebrew scholar seeks to address that imbalance, giving more focus to the role of women and girls to ‘centre’ on their stories and revealing that in the Hebrew Bible, the word for ‘Spirit of God’ (ruah) is grammatically feminine.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

A disturbing report released by the IPPC, the UN’s intergovernmental advisory panel on climate change, on 9 August spells out the danger for our planet in no uncertain terms. The August issue of the NW NJPN E Bulletin focuses on the urgent need to make radical changes before it is too late – let’s redouble our efforts in the run-up to COP26. The bulletin also features an interview with James Timpson who has employed ex-prisoners in his family firm since 2008 and says putting trust in people pays off, plus an article from former The Tablet journalist Liz Dodd who is leaving the field of journalism to prepare for the novitiate with the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace. We pay a heartfelt tribute to Charlie Burchell, former Chair of Shrewsbury Justice and Peace Commission who played a key role in the diocese in the 1980s and 1990s. There are several books suggested for summer reading plus diary dates.

For reports of the recent NJPN Conference please go to Independent Catholic News or look out for the next NJPN News Bulletin.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

No one deserves to receive vitriolic abuse and death threats, certainly not for missing a penalty shot in a football final. If the unlucky England strikers had been white would there have been a racist backlash? The mid July NW NJPN E Bulletin leads with these recent events that expose a disturbing undercurrent of racism in our country. The England team manager Gareth Southgate has inspired many with his humility, his calm and decisive leadership and the loving way he guides his young team. In a letter written at the start of Euro 2020 he outlined his vision for the team and beyond, printed here in full. Other articles feature the government’s response to the plight of refugees, and preparations for COP26 and climate crisis, highlighted by terrible floods across Western Europe resulting in loss of life. The Primate of All Ireland criticises the UK government’s decision to ‘draw a line’ under the troubles in Northern Ireland, there is disappointment at Parliament’s decision to ratify the UK’s aid budget cuts, as well as the disturbing news that the online giant Amazon destroys unsold products, plus an account of the recent Christian CND Zoom conference attended by more 90 people.

Please pass on to others.

Best wishes,  Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin for July covers a range of topics from Climate Change, Covid crisis funding, a tribute to Martha White, US Civil Rights activist, an article on the thorny issue of women priests, resources and diary dates plus an urgent action request to lobby your MP by the Reset the Debt campaign in advance of a parliamentary debate on 8 July. Please read and pass on.

Best wishes

Anne O’Connor

An extra edition of the NW NJPN E Bulletin for mid-June features a wide range of resources for Refugee Week 14-20 June including a series of audio dramas from Counterpoint Arts by contemporary Kosovan and Balkan writers, available on Zoom plus news of a photographic series to echo this year’s theme ‘We cannot walk alone.’ Other news articles look at the horrific discovery of a mass grave at a residential school for indigenous children in Canada; German Cardinal Marx’s resignation regarding the Church’s ‘systemic failure’ on abuse; reports from JRS, CAFOD and LIfe on the Breadline. Joan Baez is honoured by the Kennedy Centre for performing Arts for her humanitarian and peace work over a long career. There are obituaries of Sr Isabel Kelly, campaigner against human trafficking, and broadcaster Peter France. Faiths4Change are offering fully funded places on an accredited course in Liverpool to explore climate change and carbon footprints and Green Christian announce a VI Form module based on Laudato Si’. Book reviews and diary dates complete a packed bulletin. Please read and pass on.

Best wishes

Anne O’Connor

The NW NJPN E-Bulletin for June leads with a moving poem highlighting the current escalation of violence in the Holy Land with a link to last week’s main NJPN bulletin devoted exclusively to articles and action ideas about the conflict. Eye-witness accounts of the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the Indian population, especially in the poorer areas, is given by six religious Sisters. There is also coverage of the Pastoral Letter for Pentecost issued by the Bishops of England and Wales with a focus on the pressing issue of climate change, encouraging news from Operation Noah that the Methodist, Unitarian and Free Churches have all voted to disinvest from fossil fuels. and a report of this month’s NJPN AGM by Zoom with a talk on homeschooling during Covid and two follow-up opinion pieces. Other reports look at ways parishes can be more welcoming to deaf people, lobbying for inclusive language in the Lectionary by the Scottish Laity Network and how a popular television programme is helping highlight the story of Sophie Lancaster, a hate crime victim.  All this plus resources and diary dates. Please read and pass on.

Best wishes, Anne O’Connor

Here is the main NJPN bulletin for May, referred to above: NJPN-E-Bulletin-18-May

A supplementary Bulletin – mid-May 2021:

An extra edition of the NW NJPN E-Bulletin to cover Mid-May into June – too many current articles to hold over till next time! Features include reflections for the 100th anniversary of the partition of Ireland; Richard Ratcliffe’s powerful account of his wife Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s plight as his battle to secure her release drags on; birthday wishes and support for 84 year-old Indian Jesuit, Fr Stan Swamy,  imprisoned on charges of terrorism; the Covid emergency in India where faiths are working together to help those in crisis; a moving opinion piece by a woman who has felt marginalised by the Church because of being childless; an interview with Sr. Nathalie Becquart, one of the two new undersecretaries for the Vatican’s office of the Synod of Bishops which gives hope that the laity (and women) will have a voice in the upcoming synod; an account of President Biden’s first 100 days in office which give cause for hope; conflicting statements on the issue of same sex unions resulting in young people walking away from the Church; obituaries of Fr John Kearns CP and Michael Bourdeaux, founder of Keston College; plus resources and diary dates.

Please read and pass on to others.

Best wishes

Anne O’Connor

Here is the NW Bulletin for May 2021:

In a packed issue, the May NW NJPN E-Bulletin covers a wide range of subjects: 8 years after Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1,138 people and injured many more on 24 April 2013, we look at concerns over poor safety standards, forced child and adult labour, fair trade and the environmental impact of the fashion industry as we celebrate Fashion Revolution Week 19-25 April; a new survey invites children to share their hopes for a post-pandemic world;  there are resources for Refugee Week 14-20 June; articles on COP26 and ambitious plans to reach net zero carbon emissions in the North West by 2040; a report of the verdict just announced in the George Floyd murder trial; a review of a Channel 4 documentary examining the UK police policy of Stop and Search which targets a disproportionate number of young black men; serious concerns about the UK government’s lack of support for the Palestinian people as raised by the Balfour Project and echoed by many NGOs; and a fruitful dialogue and apology following an article in the April E-Bulletin relating to the suspension of a teacher in Batley that some regarded as Islamophobic.

Please pass on to others.

Best wishes

Anne O’Connor

Here is the NW Bulletin for April 2021:

The April NW NJPN E-Bulletin looks at responses to the UK Government’s recent report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities which has been widely criticised by various groups. Readers may wish to compare the report’s finding with the personal experiences documented in the winning essays from the Columban’s competition for schools (featured in the Easter edition of this bulletin). In the light of the recent controversy over a religious studies lesson in Batley, the thorny issue of freedom of speech is tackled by Irish comedian, playwright, journalist, and political satirist Andrew Doyle. Plans for changes to the UK immigration system are challenged by the Boaz Trust alongside a positive report from Manchester-based Migrant Support celebrating their valuable work. Other articles look at climate change, green mining, life on the breadline, local grassroot groups working together to bring about change for the good of all, and the impact of Pope Francis’ recent visit to Iraq. Resources include an inspirational book by Stuart Lawrence ahead of his brother Stephen Lawrence’s annual Memorial Day on 22 April and a short film from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation charting the lives of three working-class women from Doncaster, plus Easter reflections and poems.

Do please pass on to others and sign up for the fortnightly NJPN E-Bulletin which contains a wealth of information and campaign action ideas at: ebulletin@justice-and-peace.org

Anne O’Connor

Here is the NW Bulletin for Easter 2021:

The Easter edition features three frank and heart-felt sharings on the reality of living as a young BAME person on today’s Britain – winners of the Columban’s recent competition ‘Let’s Create a World Without Racism’, plus an article, published first in 2016 but still relevant today, from a Black University Minister in the US.  Other items include the UK government’s plan to increase our nuclear arsenal which is seen by campaigning groups as ‘a dangerous U-turn which contravenes the aims of the Non-Proliferation Treaty’.  Pax Christi is launching a virtual ‘Pilgrimage for Peace’ with exciting initiatives to raise funds and awareness of the vital work of this campaigning group. There are book reviews, Easter poems, and resources, including a link to a moving adaptation of the Stations of the Cross in a Time of Fear and Uncertainty by my late daughter’s parish in Sheffield.

Please pass on to others. Wishing you all the joys and blessings of the Easter season as we journey together in hope.

Anne O’Connor

Here is an important addition to the monthly E bulletin …

International Women’s Day on 8 March should have been a time to celebrate the achievements of women across the world and to commit to bringing about equality for women everywhere. The murder of Sarah Everard brought into sharp focus that more measures and a radical change in attitude are needed for women to feel safe as they go about their daily lives. At the time of writing Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe awaits the outcome of a second trial which may result in further incarceration in an Iranian prison – please pray for her and her family. This issue focuses on issues affecting and/or written by women.

Please read and pass on. Stay safe.,  Anne O’Connor

Here is the latest issue of the North West Bulletin …

NW NJPN Justice and Peace E Bulletin March 2021

The March 2021 NW NJPN E BULLETIN focuses on climate change alongside examining the impact of Covid-19, especially on those who live on the margins and makes the links between these two pressing issues. In the absence of public meetings we have plenty of information about forth-coming Zoom events and links to follow to catch up on recent meetings. Please read and share with others and do sign up for the excellent fortnightly NJPN E BULLETINS at ebulletin@justice-and-peace.org to stay fully up-to-date.

Stay safe,  Anne O’Connor

* * * * *

This is a very welcome return of the monthly Bulletin. It is the first issue of the Bulletin since the summer of 2020 when Anne’s family was hit by a devastating family tragedy, as movingly described by Anne at the time:

“Some of you may already have heard that our darling elder daughter Annie died of natural causes on 12 June at her home in Sheffield.  It was very sudden and unexpected.  Annie died too soon and we are all devastated by our loss but our family has been overwhelmed by the love and support shown us which has been so helpful in carrying us through this challenging time. It was a comfort to know that her PP and close friend came just after and gave her the last rites. Her housemate and our middle son who also lives in Sheffield prayed with her. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt and friend who worked tirelessly and with great enthusiasm for the church, Samaritans and Church Army.  I’ve attached a tribute to her and plan to take time out to collate her articles and blogs plus some personal tributes from friends and family for future publication.

Tribute to Annie

“At present I can’t carry on with the NW e bulletins and am unsure as to the future. However, you’ll be in excellent hands with Sharon Chambers, our newly appointed NJPN Editor who produces a vast range of info with comprehensive links for further reading. You can access these fortnightly bulletins on the NJPN website at: www.justice-and-peace.org.uk – choose the news tab in the drop down menu but best of all I recommend signing up to receive this invaluable free resource direct into your mailbox: ebulletin@justice-and-peace.org.uk

Liverpool Archdiocese produces articles and information at: https://jp.liverpoolcatholic.org.uk/news/
Lancaster Diocese has a regular bulletin at http://www.lancasterfaithandjustice.co.uk/newsletter/
Independent Catholic News (ICN) has daily news bulletins at:  https://www.indcatholicnews.com/                                          National Catholic Reporter provides a comprehensive source of US news: https://www.ncronline.org

“We’ve been inundated with comments and cards – many mention her liveliness, her laughter, her joy, her warmth, her ability to connect with, welcome and reach out to people of every kind, always looking out for the stranger or someone who felt they were an ‘outsider’. She was a compassionate, gentle, non-judgmental listener who brought out the best in her students and friends.”

Our love and prayers go out to Anne and family at this very sad time.

* * * * * *

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