MouthPeace is the joint quarterly magazine of Shrewsbury & Liverpool J&P Commissions. It is published in March, June, September, and December and mailed or emailed to over one thousand individuals in the two dioceses and to others nationally. It seeks to provide news, reports and information of interest to J&P activists and those working in related fields. Contributions and news of events are welcomed and may be printed at the discretion of the editor. The editor should normally receive the copy by the beginning of the month preceding publication.
Editor’s contact details: Marian Thompson, 37 Dale Road, Marple, Stockport, SK6 6EZ (0161 427 7254)
Please note that Marian is not a member of the new Shrewsbury Commission but continues with her editorship of MouthPeace.

Here is the latest issue of MouthPeace, produced in digital-only format . . .

In a thought-provoking introduction, Marian draws certain parallels between the Coronavirus crisis and the climate emergency:

“Do you remember February 2020 when a mystery lung disease had hit the hospitals of northern Italy? My daughter, a GP in Manchester, seemed to be the prophet of doom in our family and warned that we should all be careful as disaster to her seemed obviously inevitable. Did the rest of the family listen? Of course not, assuming she was again on her high horse …. I am wondering if it is not the same with the climate emergency? ….  How many are denying there is a climate emergency? Maybe we need to be the prophets of doom in this context and speak up when others are indifferent or even hostile. For this we need to be well armed with information ourselves. There is plenty to help us take up this challenge as this edition of Mouthpeace illustrates.”



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