Please note that the Shrewsbury JP&SR Commission, as previously constituted, held its final meeting on Wednesday 26th June 2013. Bishop Mark appointed a new Commission in September 2013, somewhat smaller in size than until that point. The new Commission held its first meeting on January 25th 2014, concluding with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Mark. The new Commission is chaired by Canon Philip Moor VG, its membership comprising a mix of new and established members.
Over the interim period some aspects of the work of the old Commission continued, notably ongoing production of the quarterly magazine “MouthPeace” , and the monthly E-bulletins up until the September 2013 issue, and this website continues to provide means of access to these resources.
  • With the launch in January 2014 of the new J&P E-bulletin for  the North West, the E-bulletin page on this website gives access to this bulletin series as well as continued access to MouthPeace and other J&P resources.
The role of the Commission was summarised in a statement of vision and purpose:
Vision: A diocese fully engaged with the call of God to be a people of justice and peace.
Purpose: As Christians, we are called to try to live out God’s will.
God calls us to act for the common good and the good of all creation.
The main task of the members of the Commission is to answer that call personally and to engage the diocese in doing likewise, in the light of scripture and Catholic social teaching.
Commission Prayer: This prayer was offered at the opening of Commission meetings, including those of the Core Group:
We come together in love and fellowship to proclaim the Good News that promises freedom for all people:  freedom in justice, freedom in peace, freedom to thrive and flourish.
Mindful of our responsibility as stewards of creation let us tread lightly on the earth.
Rooted in faith and supported by one another may we bring God’s peace and justice to our families and friends, our communities, our world.                             Amen
The group 2010 xxx
The Commission’s membership was drawn from all across Shrewsbury Diocese. It met quarterly, with its work taken forward through a “Core Group” who met on a monthly basis.
We maintained regular links with the national J&P Network (www.justice-and-peace.org.uk) and other national organisations working for justice and peace. Within the diocese, we supported the work of J&P groups based within individual parishes and local pastoral areas.
In summary, our main outputs were:
  • “MouthPeace”, the quarterly journal produced in association with the Liverpool Archdiocese J&P Commission
  • The monthly E-bulletin. The E-bulletins and”MouthPeace” include extensive listings of forthcoming events, near and far
  • J&P Calendar for the Year of Faith 2012-13, which was updated on a regular basis
  • Occasional talks and study days
  • Annual reflections for Advent, traditionally held at Wistaston Hall, Crewe
  • The maintenance and further development of this website, holding an expanding range of resources as well as current and previous issues of MouthPeace and the E-bulletin.
  • Each year we produced an illustrated summary of our work of the previous 12 months. Here is the most recent one: 2013 jp popular report final