Commission Contacts

Please note: as from end-June 2013 all these positions were held on an interim basis, pending the appointment of the new Commission and the start its work. Of the names listed here Maura Garside and Ged Cliffe serve on the new Commission and are contactable in that connection.

Commission Chair:
Tony Walsh, 0151 355 6419. Email
Vice Chair & website contact:
Bernard Payne, 01244 350323. Email
Secretary:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Maura Garside, 0781 167 9055.  Email
Ged Cliffe, 01691 831374. Email
e-bulletin Editor:
Anne O’Connor, 0161 941 4946. Email
MouthPeace Editor:
Marian Thompson, 0161 427 7254. Email
At the time of its final meeting in June 2013, the Commission had a total of 13 members, drawn from across the diocese: Elizabeth Barratt, Sue Bownas (representing CAFOD), Michael Crawley, Ged Cliffe, Maura Garside, Bernice Halson, Bryan Halson, Anne O’Connor, Ann Taylor, Marian Thompson, Pat Thornhill, Fr Ned Wall, Tony Walsh, Anne Westmacott.
Pictured below are some of the Commission members, at the February 2013 meeting held at St Mary’s and All Angels, Hooton.
Maura Garside, Marian Thompson, Tony Walsh, Pat Thornhill


Michael Crawley, Anne O’Connor, Ged Cliffe, Sue Bownas


Bryan Halson, Ann Taylor, Bernice Halson, Bernard Payne